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Mark Pickett
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Vendor Representative, Presenter & Producer

Mark Pickett is a sales and marketing expert with extensive experience across multiple sales channels including live TV Shopping Channels, Direct Response and e-commerce.

In 2003 he established G Marketing International, a multi-faceted, global marketing business specialising in:

  • Selective product sourcing, business development and tailored account management
  • Delivering persuasive sales presentations
  • Targeted TV production and training

After a career in television with ITV, BBC and Sky, Mark was part of the QVC UK launch team in 1993. He directed output on the first day of transmission and went on to become a Line Producer, responsible for managing Presenters’ airtime and guiding real-time sales for a wide range of products. 

Two years later he was invited to join the launch team putting together the TVSN Channel in Australia.  Mark was initially charged with hiring and training studio staff but went on to become a much-loved Presenter for many years, giving him unique first-hand studio experience on both sides of the camera. 

While continuing to present, Mark established a successful international marketing business selling carefully selected beauty and jewellery products to shopping channels in Australia and overseas.  He added to the range of his on-air presence as an expert guest, and this, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, had a very positive effect on sales.

Mark Pickett has a passion for gemstones, jewellery and watches and will shortly be working with a major promotions company based in Miami, Florida to promote high-end, luxury merchandise including diamonds, coloured gemstones and Swiss watches to guests on board 5 star cruise ships.

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I’m Mark

Do you have a unique product with a great brand story to tell? Need a seasoned Presenter/Host/Brand Ambassador for your next production? Looking to train your production people or on-air talent? Get in touch to see how I can help develop your next project.


What I Offer

Product Sourcing, Business Development & Tailored Account Management

Mark Pickett can source unique, demonstrable products with a great brand story to tell.

He manages all aspects of the product journey from supplier to consumer, by leveragiong international industry contacts, and placing merchandise with multiple sales channels including global TV Shopping Channels

Expert, Sales Driven On-air Presenting

Mark Pickett is a much loved, seasoned TV Presenter, Host, Guest Presenter and Brand Ambassador. He has a loyal following, has presented literally thousands of hours on-air and is adept at working live, without a script or rehersal, on global TV shopping channels.

He quickly understands and conveys the key editorial messages of the show, builds an emotional connection with the audience and delivers an engaging presentation that drives sales.

Targeted TV Production & Training

Mark creates and delivers bespoke in-house Producer and Presenter training programmes for TV shopping channels.

He can audition, train, develop and reherse Guests Presenters, Models and other programme contributors to prepare them for live television sales representations.

What I Do

Product Sourcing, Brand Development & Tailored Account Management. Expert Sales Driven Presentations. TV Production & Training.

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Clothing & Accessories

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G Marketing International


How It Works

G Marketing International: managing all aspects of the product journey, from manufacturer to consumer.

G Marketing International leverages the power of television and social media to tell brand stories and sell unique products both on-air and across multiple channel platforms.

What do Buyers typically look for when assessing potential items for TV shopping ? Does your product fit the bill?
  • Unique features and benefits
  • Appeals to a broad audience
  • Solves a common problem
  • Makes life easier
  • Easily demonstrated
  • Improves quality of life
  • Is pretty, fun, novel, or fashionable
Why use a Vendor Representative?
  • Already has a relationship with the network
  • Knows what the shopping channel expects or requires
  • Will present your product to the appropriate buyer for you
  • Can save you from having to deal with chargebacks and costly errors
  • Will thoroughly prepare all aspects of the LIVE presentation to ensure every second on-air counts!
G Marketing International success stories:
  • Jacqueline Kennedy Jewellery Collection
  • Silk Oil of Morocco Haircare
  • Tiffany Style Lighting
  • Zoya Manicure and Pedicure
  • Salvador Dalí Jewellery Collection
  • Historic Royal Palaces Jewellery Collection
  • Dave Bradford Jewellery Cleaner
  • Eco Egg Laundry and Cleaning
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On-Air Marketing Made Easy

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Professional Testimonials

"With his long experience, deep knowledge and attractive style of presentation I’m sure he will not only be loved by current audiences but will also attract new customers, wherever he is seen."

Glynn Christian, prize-winning Author

"I highly recommend Mark Pickett as a supplier. He would not only supply regular and innovative product offers but would always know the best way to achieve the targets.”

Deb Scicluna, Senior Category Manager

"Mark is a solid and decent person who has the highest standard of integrity and a very good work ethic. I have always enjoyed working with Mark on several successful projects and I respect his opinion, intelligence, dedication and knowledge.”

Budd Margolis, TV Shopping & Broadcasting Expert and Broadcast Advisor, Ski TV


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Viewer Feedback

"It's lovely to see Mark back on the telly. I've always loved his shows and presentations."

Suzanna K

"Love seeing Mark Pickett back on our TV as we go through such a stressful time for everyone."

Fiona C

"Mark is such a professional and brilliant presenter."

Sophie A

"It's so lovely to see Mark on the screen with his interactions with Nikki and everyone on the show."

Tracey B

"My tv family means so much to me and to have Mark apart of it is just the best."

Liz D

"I'm just watching Cocktail Gems with Mark Pickett, I'm not normally a jewellery show watcher but what a breath of fresh air Mark is. He is so relaxed and witty."

Jacqui V

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